What are the best power bank brands?

Power Bank

Are you looking to get yourself an external battery and want to know which brands you can trust? In this article, we will tell you which trademarks could be considered as best power bank brand in 2021, why it is worth purchasing only original products, how to protect yourself from counterfeiting and not buy a fake.

The best power bank brand in 2021

We will definitely be telling a lie if we say that a certain brand is the best power bank brand in the world. It would be dishonest, unfair, and you would definitely convict us that we are trying to advertise a specific trademark.

In fact, many worthy manufacturers in the world produce quality products that are in good demand. Here are some of them.

  • Samsung
  •  Sony
  •  Xiaomi
  • Intex
  •  Anker Innovations
  •  Duracell
  • GP Batteries
  • Huawei
  • Syska
  • Ambrane
  • Lenovo
  •  Flipkart Smartbuy
  • Zagg
  • RavPower
  • Griffin
  • ZMI
  • Baseus

The listed brands are indeed the best power bank brand for mobile. At the same time, if you did not find the name of a manufacturer in this list, this does not mean that it is definitely bad or that its products are of poor quality. It is just that we probably don’t know anything (good or bad) about other manufacturers. Alternatively, they just forgot about someone.

Here’s what you get if you try to save money and choose not the best power bank brand for mobile, but a little-known or generally unknown

  • Low quality battery – sometimes one and a half to two times lower capacity, much shorter service life, because all elements are made of low quality materials.
  • Non-working accessories – cords, adapters, mains chargers, all this may not work or work with varying degrees of success, again due to savings in assembly and materials.
  • Low quality plastic due to which the appearance of the external battery may be such that it will be embarrassing to get it in front of strangers.
  • Low quality electronics, which can, at best, ruin the battery of your tablet or phone (swelling, decrease in capacity), and at worst, disable the controllers of your devices. Having saved on buying one, pay for the restoration of the other.
  • Constant nerves when trying to charge your devices – it is at this angle that you need to insert the adapter… put the cord so that there is contact… you cannot touch the phone when it is charging, etc.

How to determine that someone is trying to sell you a fake or a low-quality copy of one of the best power banks brand?

In fact, everything is very simple here! The main factor is the price.

If the store works with an official distributor, then its price does not differ much from the market price, and the assortment is always wide, because you can order one or two items of each model from the official distributor, and you need to buy, even fakes, in China in bulk and only one model.

A power bank with a capacity of 10,000-15,000 mAh cannot cost less than $20. Here is a clearly fraudulent advertisement

  • S10 (liquidation of the warehouse),
  • S15 dollars + a light bulb as a gift + a gift of a watch / monopod,
  • buy now for 10 dollars before the end of the promotion there are 2 hours left

This is all sheer deception!

Be careful. Buying such dubious goods, firstly, you will lose money and nerves, and secondly, your phone may be damaged and stop working!

Moreover, one more remark – the same offers are offered on one-page websites (landing page), which most often live from several days to several months. Then a critical mass of deceived buyers is gathered and the site is closed or blocked.

The results of a test purchase of three cheap power banks from allegedly well-known manufacturers

In order not to be unfounded, we conducted a test purchase in 3 different such stores, and tested these power banks for capacity, voltage current and other parameters.

The first experimental device XIAOMI 20800 (by the way, the manufacturer never produced such a model) – showed an exceeded voltage of 6 volts(!) Moreover, stopped working 10 seconds after the start of the test.

The second device – fake Pineng 999 gave only 967 mAh (the original battery gives more than 14000 mAh).

The third – fake Xiami 10000 basically refused to work after we tried to charge it from a regular outlet.

By the way, there was no receipt, invoice or any other document with any of the goods. Do not pick up such a product at the post office! We took it deliberately.

How does the best power bank brand in world deal with the problem of counterfeits?

Every manufacturer of external batteries tries to protect their products from counterfeiting. Almost all global brands have united to fight unscrupulous manufacturers of fakes and counterfeits under their brands. There are constant raids and hundreds of lawsuits and petitions filed with courts and other regulators to stop such activities. But you yourself understand that there are many gaps in the legislation, and artisanal forges of fakes climb out like mushrooms. Therefore, we repeat again, be vigilant.

Additionally, manufacturers supply all their devices with serial numbers, security marks, holograms and other features that will help distinguish a fake from the original. In some cases, it is possible to verify the external battery on the manufacturer’s official website right upon receipt of the goods using a smartphone.

How to determine that you have been sent a fake?

In order to determine the authenticity of an external battery, you can use several methods, or the simplest of them.

  1. Definition by code. Each best power banks brand places a protective sticker on the product box (as a rule, on the end of the box), on which you can erase the area with a dusting or a protective layer. Below it you can find a list of numbers that must be entered in the appropriate field on the manufacturer’s official website. There is no such protective sticker on a fake.
  2. Definition by USB cable. As a rule, it is performed without engravings and logos. When the “native” USB cable and micro USB are connected to the same Power Bank on the original product, charging does not take place, the device does not charge by itself, and the indicators do not light up. On a fake, indicators will inform you that the device is charging from itself.
  3. The original external battery does not need to be switched on (using any buttons) to indicate the beginning of the recharging process. To do this, simply connect to a discharged micro-USB device. Counterfeits are often equipped with additional buttons to turn on the device.
  4. Integrity and quality of the case, no backlash, high-quality assembly, no damage and chips, no extraneous knocking inside the case (you can shake the device lightly to check) – these are the signs of an original product.
  5. The weight of the original product corresponds to the weight of the same device declared on the official website of the manufacturer.
  6. Instructions for the device must be drawn up in the language of the country of the manufacturer. If the instructions for a Chinese gadget are made in Russian or English, this is a fake.

In general, over time, the quality of the fake gadgets produced also increases. As a rule, only the exterior and build quality of the case are being improved, the internal “filling”, as before, leaves much to be desired. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and choose a reliable and trusted supplier.


We hope that our article was useful to you, and now you know what the best power bank brands are, whose products you can trust. However, stay alert as any good brand is always counterfeited.

Do not trust shops that sell power banks for understated prices. In addition, when you receive your purchase, be sure to check carefully whether the original device was sent to you. This will save you money and not damage your smartphone.