TOP 10 of the best power bank for laptop in 2021


You can charge your laptop with power bank not always. First, the power bank must support the laptop charging function. Secondly, you must have the correct adapter. Some laptop models, mostly those released within the last two to three years, are able to charge via USB Type-C, and such a laptop can be charged without an adapter. Moreover, if your laptop is not endowed with such a function, you will need an adapter. Some models of power banks are equipped with adapters and adapters, and some do not.

We have collected 10 the best laptop power bank in 2021 that can charge laptops. They have high user ratings, large power reserves, and excellent value for money.

Top 10. RAVPower RP-PB058 26800mAh


Quite a powerful power bank, which is also suitable for charging laptops, but not all. Therefore, this external battery can charge a laptop only through the USB Type-C port and only with a capacity of up to 30 W, and for some laptop models this may not be enough. It is also important that the appropriate settings are set in the laptop itself: permission to charge via USB Type-C. In addition, not all laptops support USB Type-C charging. There is no charger for replenishing energy in the power bank itself, and the device charges for about a day with an ordinary two-amp power adapter. This is a decent model, but it still has its drawbacks, so it only takes 10th place in our ranking of the best power bank for laptop in 2021.

Top 9. Baseus Adaman Metal PD3.0 + QC3.0 20000mAh

Stylish power bank that can charge your laptop, smartphone and all wearable electronics. The model supports a large number of fast charging standards, which makes it a universal option for charging devices from different manufacturers. Among the connectors, there is even Lightning for charging an iPhone without using adapters. The body is metal, there are several non-trivial colors, including crimson and turquoise. Voltage and current sensors are available and readings are shown on a small screen. The reviews warn that the device may break down in a month, although this does not happen often.

Top 8. Rombica NEO PRO 450C

One of the most powerful power bank for laptop. It is also one of the most expensive external batteries for any occasion. Against the background of competitors, this model stands out both for its capacity (this is the most powerful power bank among the best) and for its extended configuration. Therefore, the manufacturer offers 28 different adapters in the kit, as well as cables with the necessary connector for charging MacBooks, which were released before 2016. Fast charging works both ways. The reviews note that the capacity of 45,000 mAh is honest – measurements showed the same result. If you are looking for a powerful battery with an honest capacity, then the Rombica NEO PRO 450C will be the best solution.

Top 7. TopON TOP-T72

A solid external battery that can charge laptops and more. There is a backlit screen that allows you to see the current readings, including the charge level. The set includes 8 adapters for laptops, a charging cable and even a car adapter. A variety of standard adapters is enough to charge almost any not very old laptop. Users write that the capacity of the power bank is enough to charge a laptop once. There is no power adapter for charging the Power Bank itself, and it takes a very long time to charge from a standard 5V. On specialized forums, users often note that TopON TOP-T72 was their best buy laptop power bank.

Top 6. DELL Power Companion 18000 mAh

One of the best external laptop batteries. A trusted manufacturer, who, as a rule, pleases with high quality, created this model. This Power Bank is no exception – compact, fast charging and fast charging, with a simple battery level indicator. If you power a laptop from it and continue working on it, running resource-intensive tasks, then the laptop’s charge will not only not decrease, but also even grow up. The package bundle is not rich. The users of this power bank are the owners of Dell laptops. They have the ability to quickly (2-3 hours) charge the Power Bank from the laptop power adapter, since DELL Power Companion does not want to charge through a non-original unit.

Top 5. Baseus Mulight Quick Charge Power Bank 30000mAh

Another one of the most powerful power bank for laptop. Inside it has a hidden 30000 mAh battery, which can be transferred to both a laptop and a smartphone, tablet and low-power devices: watches, headphones, fitness bracelets. This power bank can charge your laptop up to two times, provided your device supports USB Type-C charging. This model weighs more than its competitors do, but only because it has more capacity. The package bundle is not rich – of the additional accessories, there is only a USB – micro-USB cable. The charge indication is digital, which allows you to indicate the percentage of charge in the Power Bank more accurately.

Top 4. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 20000 (PLM18ZM)


One of the most inexpensive, but at the same time the best for the money external laptop batteries. For a small amount of money, you get a high-quality power bank, which is powerful enough – its capacity is enough to charge an average smartphone 5 times. It will also charge the laptop, but there are nuances. In the reviews, the owners of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 note that it charges the MacBook only if it is turned off. However, the problem is rather a single one than a massive one – other users deny this drawback. Windows laptops can be charged even when they are turned on, but you need a high-quality USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable with Power Delivery support. Unfortunately, this Power Bank does not come with such a cable.

Top 3. TopON TOP-T80


One of the best external laptop batteries with a small screen. It displays the current charging parameters and the percentage of charge. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, the device independently selects the optimal voltage and current values ​​in order to charge the connected devices as quickly as possible and at the same time, it is safe for them. This model is compatible with most modern laptops that support USB Type-C charging. Reviews say that laptop charging is fast (if your laptop also supports fast charging). Users think this model was their best buy laptop power bank.

Top 2. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000


The most popular power bank, which is also suitable for charging a laptop. It is heavier and larger than external batteries for smartphones, but it does its job well. There is enough capacity to fully charge the laptop; there will still be left for the phone and headphones. Reviews believe that this is one of the highest quality portable batteries. Fast charging works in both directions – for charging the Power Bank itself, and for charging a laptop and other devices connected to the battery. What is especially nice: if you are actively working with a laptop and charge it from this power bank, the laptop not only does not lose charge percentages, but also replenishes them.

Top 1. HIPER MPX20000


One of the lightest external batteries with a capacity of 20,000 mAh, which can charge laptops. It does not have a display, but in terms of other characteristics, the device is not inferior to competitors that are more expensive. It looks stylish, in a metal case, in office and business colors. There is a USB Type-C connector and fast charging. This power bank can only charge a laptop that supports USB Type-C charging. The external battery itself from a standard mobile power adapter is charged to 100% within 16 hours. If you use a laptop power adapter, the charging time will be reduced to 7 hours. Overall, we believe this model is the best laptop power bank 2021.


Therefore, you know that you can charge your laptop with power bank, but not with the help of anyone, but only with the help of those that are specially designed for this. If some models are not included in this rating, this does not mean that they are bad. In the future, perhaps we will compile an extended rating of 50 positions so that you can make the best choice.