The best power bank for iPhone in 2021


External batteries or power bank are an irreplaceable thing in the case when the charge of the gadget is at a critical level and there is no way to charge it. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of devices of various sizes and, of course, prices. If the user does not want to overpay money for the promoted one, then you can choose a good and reliable battery on AliExpress. Our rating will help you find out which manufacturers you can trust, which power bank is best for iPhone, and how to make the best choice so as not to regret your purchase.

The following models of power banks are considered the most powerful, high quality and durable. Not all the well-known myths about Chinese external batteries definitely apply to them.

TOPZERO 30000 mAh

Our top TOPZERO opens – a powerful power bank, which is available in three colors (white, black, red). One of its differences is the presence of a digital display that displays the charge level in percent. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the device with an LED flashlight. Thanks to the presence of microUSB and Type-C connectors, the battery can charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and other gadgets. If necessary, you can order a complete set with a cable.

– large capacity; – the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time; – stylish design; – low cost; – fast charging of gadgets– heavy weight; – short charging wire.    

KUULAA 20000mAh

KUULAA 20000 mAh is the best power bank for iPhone in 2021, perfect for travel and long trips. The model is equipped with a digital display that shows the charge level. In the end part there are several connectors that are signed. Multiple devices can be charged at the same time. There is a special button for turning on, but, in addition, the power bank starts automatically when the gadget is connected. Thanks to this gadget, you can charge a wide variety of devices: smartphones, laptops, headphones, tablets, drones, etc.

– display; – a large number of ports; – low cost; – stylish design; – corresponds to the declared power.– arge size and weight; – the screen is quickly scratched

TOPK Power Bank 10000 mAh

TOPK Power Bank from a well-known and reliable company is an indispensable assistant on trips and in the absence of electricity, when the smartphone needs to be charged urgently. The model has three connectors MicroUSB, Tipe-C, USB and a convenient digital display showing the battery level. The body is made of aluminum, which indicates the durability of the device. During operation, the power bank does not heat up, perhaps a little during fast charging, and its characteristics are fully consistent with those stated.

– lightweight; – charges multiple devices at the same time; – does not slip in the hand; – monolithic body; – compactness.– short cord; – the power button only turns on, turns off automatically.  

ROMOSS Sense 8 30000 mAh

Romoss is one of the most famous brands producing top power banks for iPhone. This is the flagship model from the Chinese manufacturer, which is the most capacious in the Sense line. The device has an LED indicator that also allows you to monitor the battery status. For example, during fast charging, the bulbs glow in turquoise, and during standard charging, they are orange. On the top, there are several connectors: USB-A, USB-C, microUSB, and lightning. The bank is turned on automatically when a gadget is connected to it. Moreover, the button located on the side is only needed to activate the LED indicator. Another feature is the ability to charge the device and the battery at the same time.

– holds a charge for a long time; – high-quality assembly; – the ability to use any cable; – beautiful design; – large volume.– significant weight; – easily soiled case.  

Baseus 65W 30000mAh

The Baseus 65W is a powerful battery with a stylish design and plenty of device ports. The presence of the fast charging function allows you to speed up the recovery of the battery power of your smartphone or other gadget. Power Delivery technology charges the iPhone 50% in just half an hour. The model is equipped with 7 connectors, namely: 3xUSB 2.0, USB QC3.0, USB Type-C PD, micro USB, Lightning. Thanks to this number of ports, up to 5 devices can be connected to the power bank at the same time. The presence of a convenient LED display allows you always to track the charge level, as well as the current and voltage. It will take only 3 hours to restore the external battery itself fully (assuming you use an adapter with Power Delivery (PD) support and a USB Type-C PD connector). Another feature is an intelligent control system that automatically selects the required voltage for a specific device. In our opinion, this is one of the best top power banks for iPhone.

– robust, durable housing; – 9 levels of intellectual protection; – power corresponds to the declared one; – the ability to charge various gadgets; – convenient display.– large size; – some smartphones may not charge.  

FLOVEME 10000 mAh

FLOVEME 10000 mAh is a budget model from a Chinese manufacturer that comes with a cable. Its body is made of durable plastic and has a rough surface, so that the battery does not slip out of your hands. In the upper part, there are 4 LEDs that indicate the battery level. Like many other models, this “Chinese” automatically turns on and starts charging the gadget when it is connected. The battery can support up to 3 devices at the same time.

– cable included; – lightweight; charges quickly; – the presence of protection against overheating and short circuit; – stylish appearance.– no “fast charging” function; – the real capacity is less.  

FPU 20000mAh

The FPU external battery has a classic design and is made of durable plastic. In addition, there are no fingerprints on its body. It is equipped with two USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. There are also Type C, micro USB ports. A small LED display allows you to follow the charging process. The device has all the necessary degrees of protection (against overheating, short circuit, voltage surges, etc.). Due to its small size, this power bank can be taken with you wherever you go, it does not take up much space in your bag or pocket.

– quickly charges the smartphone; – the presence of a cord in the kit; – the presence of all the necessary connectors; – compliance with the declared capacity; – high-quality assembly.– weight; – short cable included


Well, we hope that our quick review of external batteries from AliExpress was useful to you, and now you know which power bank is best for iPhone. In the future, we plan to release a more extensive review and analyze the new items that will appear there throughout the year, so that you can know what good proven manufacturers are ready to offer you.

If you have already purchased some model of a power bank on AliExpress that was not included in this top, and were satisfied with it – let us know so that we can also evaluate its advantages and disadvantages and, possibly, include in subsequent ratings.