How to choose the best power bank for camping?

Do you like going on picnic with tents or do you just travel a lot? In this case, the charges of ordinary power banks are unlikely to be enough for you to charge all the necessary gadgets for several days.

Therefore, we decided to make a small review of the best power banks for camping, which will allow you not to have trouble on vacation.

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TOP 3 of the best portable battery bank for camping with a large capacity

Let us start with three cool batteries, the charge of which will be enough for you to charge all possible gadgets without any problems for at least a week.

1. Rombica NEO PRO 650

Power Bank

The gold of our top rightfully belongs to the external battery Rombica NEO PRO 650. This model is the best portable charger for camping, which produces an extremely high capacity – 65000 mAh, which allows it to power devices with different powers.

Rombica NEO PRO 650 will delight users with an enviable package, because the power bank is provided with 28 adapters for technology. The device will be useful for trips to nature, thanks to the 12V output. This connector allows the power bank to charge a portable refrigerator, fan, pump and other devices.

The model has a special non-slip Soft-touch coating, which makes it comfortable and pleasant to hold in your hands. The kit includes a cigarette lighter adapter. The Rombica NEO PRO 650 is equipped with a bright indicator that will help you track the change in battery charge. The average cost of this device is justified by the equipment.

– LED indicator; – Capacity; – Versatility; – Equipment.– Dust insensitive; – Short cables.

2. Cactus CS-PBHTBP-20800

In second place in our top of the best battery bank for camping has the Cactus portable charger with a good capacity of 20800 mAh. The device has 3 outputs and one socket. With it, you can provide power to your tablet, phone or laptop.

The Cactus CS-PBHTBP-20800 itself takes no more than three hours to charge. Despite the fact that the case of the power bank is made of plastic, users speak of the Cactus CS-PBHTBP-20800 as a reliable device. The portable battery is equipped with a convenient electronic display.

The dimensions of the device are optimal for such a capacity (160 × 65 × 65mm). The weight of the model is 704 grams. The design is nice and aesthetic. The LED display will not let you miss the battery. The price for such a range of functions is a great value for money.

– Rapid charging of the power bank; – Good power; – Bright design; – LED display; – Value for money.– A little-known manufacturer with no reputation; – Heavy.  

3. InterStep PST150PD

Among the large assortment of universal power banks, the PST150PD model from InterStep stands out. This device is suitable for household purposes due to its 40,000 mAh capacity. It occupies an honorable third place in the ranking of the best power banks for camping.

It can be used to charge a powerful flashlight, pump or even a TV. The weight of the model is 1.7 kg; however, the manufacturer took care of the convenience of users and provided the device with a convenient handle for moving. Another plus is that the power bank has a high-quality flashlight with a power of 5 watts. InterStep PST150PD supports Power Delivery fast charging, which makes it possible to charge devices in minutes. Unfortunately, this function cannot be used when powering multiple gadgets. The set of the external battery does not include a charger.

– Power Delivery support; – Quality components; – Verified manufacturer; – Convenient flashlight; – Value for money.– Dimensions; – Price; – Equipment.  

TOP 3 of the best power bank for camping with solar panels

Let us move on to the top-end batteries that can be recharged in the field thanks to the presence of solar panels. The main feature of such a product comes from its name. For lovers of long hikes, this feature of the bank will be useful.

1. ROBITON Power Bank LP-24-Solar

The first place in our rating is occupied by a universal model from the ROBITON company. We put it in first place in the ranking of the best portable charger for camping because of a useful feature of this power bank, namely, the presence of intelligent charge control and the ability to obtain energy from sunlight.

The developers have provided high quality protection of devices connected to an external battery from excess charge and discharge of the battery. ROBITON Power Bank LP-24-Solar is equipped with a 24000 mAh lithium polymer battery. This capacity allows powering not only mobile devices and tablet computers, but also laptops with medium size.

The device supports Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology, which greatly simplifies its use. In total, the device has 3 connectors: 2 USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C. The robust body of the device is protected from damage and shock. The weight of the bank is 553 grams. That is why the device is not quite suitable for permanent use. ROBITON power Bank has a good flashlight. Also on the case of the power bank there is a convenient display showing the state of charge of the battery. The cost of the model is fully justified by the filling.

– High capacity; – Charge control; – Fast charging support; – Excellent flashlight; – Enclosure protection technology; – Versatility; – Indexing the charging process.– Slow charging of its own battery; – Great weight.  

2. Sititek Sun-Battery SC-09

The second place in our rating of the best battery bank for camping is the Sititek Sun-Battery SC-09 external battery. A special feature of this external battery, like the previous model, is the presence of a solar battery.

The capacity of the device is 5000 mAh, which is enough for everyday use. Sititek Sun-Battery SC-09 is well equipped. Together with the power supply, you get as many as 5 adapters: Apple 30 pin, Lightning, mini USB, micro USB and USB to Nokia 2 mm. This greatly expands the scope of this device. There are 2 output connectors on the case with a maximum current of 2.1 A.

Manufacturers have supplemented the body of the device with a special texture in order to make it comfortable to hold in hands. The overall dimensions of the Sititek Sun-Battery SC-09 are 132 x 70 x 15 mm. So the power bank can be easily transported. Such an external battery will easily fit in a jacket pocket or backpack.

– Efficient solar panel; – Good equipment; – The case does not slip in the hands; – Optimal size.– Plastic case; – The current output is only 2 A.

3. KS-is KS-303

power bank

Second place of our rating of the best portable battery bank for camping goes to the interesting model KS-is KS-303. In addition to the fact that the device provides for the presence of a solar battery, it has an excellent capacity of 16000 mAh.

In total, the KS-is KS-303 has 2 USB connectors with an output current of 2.4 A. You can connect 2 devices to the power source at the same time. The complete set of the power bank includes all the necessary accessories: a micro USB cable, Lightning and a functional carabiner.

 The design of the device is as simple as possible. The weight of the model is 377 grams, which is slightly less than that of the competitors. Many users of the device in their reviews highlight the problem of inconsistency with the actual capacity declared by the manufacturer. However, only positive comments are generally left about the operation of the device.

– Durable material; – Good capacity; – Solar battery; – Charge two devices at the same time.– Inflated characteristics. – Price.


Well, we hope that our small review was useful for you, and now you know which models you should pay attention to when going on a picnic. However, for the sake of objectivity, we note that if any model did not make it to our top, this does not mean that it is, by definition, bad. There are actually quite a few other good quality batteries out there. Next time we will make a more extensive review and compile TOP-20 models that make sense to buy for going out into the countryside or long trips.