What are the best power banks in 2021?

Choosing a good charger is not as easy as it seems. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best power bank 2021, what you should look at first and how not to buy for a fake. In this article, we have collected the most popular mistakes of those who buy batteries without looking. Read and, as they say, shake your head.

Power Bank

1. To think that the best power bank charger is for sale on AliExpress

It is clear that the temptation to order from China a battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh and a price of some 6-7 dollars from the first seller will be very strong. However, it is better to get over yourself and go to the store. In addition, not in an underground passage where exactly the same products are sold from AliExpress (but with a surcharge), but in some more or less large one. And pay $ 25-30 for a battery of the same capacity.

Why you shouldn’t buy cheap power banks on AliExpress? There are several reasons. First: from China for that kind of money in 99% of cases, they will send you a product of extremely low quality and low reliability. This in itself is unpleasant, but the battery is also a fire hazardous thing. The battery assembled by feet may one day catch fire, after which the day will immediately cease to be beautiful.

The second reason: instead of the promised 10,000 mAh in such an ultra-cheap Chinese battery, it will most likely actually be 7,000 mAh. Alternatively, 5000. Moreover, in especially neglected cases, even 2000. (In addition, this is the nominal capacity, but in reality, it is still somewhat more complicated, which we will discuss below.)

And the third: the above “overpayment” ($ 25-30 in the store instead of $ 6-7 on AliExpress) is not an overpayment, but just a normal payment for a high-quality 10,000 mAh external battery with a supplier’s warranty and a service life of several years. Anything that is cheaper is from the evil one.

2. To look for the best power bank brand, not the optimal capacity

Above we mentioned the 10,000 mAh battery. This volume can be considered optimal today – given the gradual increase in the average battery capacity of smartphones.

The point is that 10,000 mAh is the nominal capacity of an external battery. In fact, the efficiency of his work does not exceed 80 percent, and most often tends to two-thirds. In other words, if the battery reads 10,000 mAh, then taking into account leaks and converting energy into heat, it is capable of giving about 7,000 mAh to your smartphone. Or even less. This is enough to recharge a gadget with an average 3,000 mAh battery a couple of times.

Therefore, we recommend looking at models with a capacity of 10,000 mAh and, possibly, more (depending on your needs). Because a battery with a smaller capacity – say, 5000-6000 mAh – is enough for only one or one and a half recharges of the smartphone, which, you see, is not enough. For a tablet with a 4000-5000 mAh battery, an external battery labeled 5000 or 6000 mAh may not be enough at all.

3. To consider the brand name on the case as a guarantee

The presence of the best power bank brand logo on the case – Samsung, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi and so on – guarantees the level of quality and reliability. However, at the same time, you need to understand that copying an external battery is much easier than, for example, a laptop or smartphone. Therefore, under the guise of a device of one of the listed brands, you may be sold something that has nothing to do with these brands. Therefore, do not think of it as an advertisement, we will give advice: batteries of large brands are best bought in their online or offline stores. Or at least large retailers that carefully monitor what they put on the shelf. Then you definitely do not run into a fake.

However, incidents sometimes happen anyway. Not so long ago, one fairly large and respected regional retail chain held a promotion: you buy a smartphone of a certain class – and you get a Xiaomi “bank” as a gift. In fact, it turned out that the Xiaomi batteries were … fake. Moreover, the retail network did not really know about it: the authors of the action were 100% sure that they were distributing the original.

4. To think that the best power bank charger should be made of aluminum

Different people have different attitudes towards spoiling the appearance of their gadgets. Someone, for example, does not care about scratches and scuffs at all (we envy such comrades). Nevertheless: batteries in aluminum cases quickly lose their original appearance, becoming covered with scratches, dents and so on.

We usually treat power banks with less fondness than the same smartphones, and we throw them into bags and backpacks with a bunch of solid objects. Yes, you can put a cover on the “bank”, but is it inelegant and strange?

In short, aluminum and metal batteries look very decent, but they are losing their presentation at the speed of sound. If you do not care – take just such a model. You will not regret. If you suffer from every scratch, then, probably, good old plastic will be better. It is more difficult to damage it in a bag.

5. Do not to look at numbers

A typical modern smartphone is equipped with a 2A charger. Some tablets are even 2.1A. Therefore, it is desirable that the USB ports on the external battery case give out exactly this current strength. Otherwise, the charging process will be extremely slow. So, we do not recommend buying models with 1 A. Today it is just fun for chickens.

The opposite is also true: it is worth thinking in advance, about how you will charge the external battery itself. If the battery capacity is the same 10,000 mAh, and the input current is only 1 A, then we congratulate you: such a battery will “feed” at the outlet all night. Maybe longer. So 2 A or 2.1 A is better.

We also recommend paying attention to power banks with fast charging systems. Now some models support Qualcomm Quick Charge of different versions – both for the return and for the receipt. It might be worth looking in their direction. However, there is one nuance.It is not a fact that your smartphone supports Quick Charge, and therefore, in practice, charging can go in normal (non-fast) mode.

6. To ignore the cable length

The problem is that the cables built into external batteries are usually very short – well, five, well, ten centimeters. Moreover, this means that using a smartphone while charging will be problematic. You will have to press the external battery against its back with your fingers.

I remember that at one time Samsung released a line of batteries with a retractable MicroUSB cable (we say goodbye to universality) and without conventional USB ports.

Today there are models on the market that have both built-in cables and USB ports.

Such options, in our opinion, are also not the most optimal. Because there is a certain type of plug on the built-in cable – for example, MicroUSB or Lightning. Moreover, that is all: if you have, for example, MicroUSB, then you cannot connect the iPhone to it. Whereas a regular USB port allows you to connect any cable with any plug. Therefore, when choosing from two options – “built-in cable + USB port” and “a pair of standard USB ports” – we definitely recommend the second one. It is more convenient and versatile.

7. To forget about indicator

Some overly economical battery manufacturers do not equip them with charge indicators at all. Which is very bad – go and figure out if the battery is charged or almost empty. Therefore, we recommend when buying to see if there is at least some indicator on the case.

The fact is, it has to be. Otherwise – torment and inconvenience.

8. To search for the best power bank for all occasions

Manufacturers often try to stand out by using some special chips. Here are some of them.

A solar battery is a useless option: you cannot charge a power bank with it, you can reinsure maximum against self-discharge in non-operating mode (and that is very, very unlikely).

Protection from water and dust is not stupid, but also of little use. It is clear that if you intend to charge smartphones at the beach or by the pool, then protection can come in handy. However, we do not recommend taking «off-road» batteries for every day: they are often larger and heavier than usual ones.

Flashlight … But the flashlight is different from the flashlight. There are flashlights of the “flash from a smartphone” level, and there is little sense from them. With the same success, you can highlight the smartphone itself. Moreover, there are batteries with powerful built-in flashlights, and they shine so brightly that you can safely read a book in a dark room under the light of a power bank. If your home is regularly cut off electricity – this option can even come in handy.

power bank

TOP-3 of the best power bank in 2021 for phone

1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank PLM07ZM

In our opinion, this device is the best power bank for your phone. The device has a comfortable size, despite the capacity of 20,000 mAh. The portable battery case has a stylish design.

The power bank allows you to charge not only mobile phones, but also laptops. Has a wide range of ports: from USB to USB Type-C. Supports Quick Charge 4.0 technology. Laudatory reviews from users of the bank guarantee its high quality.

The cost of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank PLM07ZM on the market is very profitable for such a rich functionality.

2. Power Bank CGPower

The Power Bank CGPower external battery takes silver in our rating. The main feature of this device with a resource of 8000 mAh is the wireless charging function.

The power bank has 2 inputs: USB Type-C and micro USB. The user can charge up to three mobile gadgets at one time. The power bank has built-in Type C + cables, micro USB and a Lightning adapter. In addition, Power Bank CGPower boasts a 2 A connector, a modern screen and a good package.

Users respond positively to the device’s performance. The average price in stores for this model is higher than the cost of similar models.

3. Hiper BS10000

Unpleasant situations associated with a suddenly discharged phone will no longer happen in your life with the HIPER BS10000 power bank. The capacity of this external battery of 10000 mAh is quite enough to replenish energy in two gadgets at once.

A convenient LED display allows the user to be constantly aware of the battery status. The package includes a convenient adapter. HIPER BS10000 has 3 ports: 2 USB and one micro USB. The stylish body of the device is made of high quality plastic.

This device is equipped with a bright and powerful flashlight. The HIPER BS10000 is a compact model that weighs less than 300 grams. Buyers appreciate the device’s performance in reviews. To the disadvantages of the device, users refer to a long period of recharging the power bank itself.

TOP-3 best power bank for iPhone

1. Mophie powerstation with lightning connector 5050mah

If you are looking for the best Phone power bank, this powerstation with lightning connector 5050mah is perfect for this role. The device is specially designed for Apple technology to avoid compatibility issues. The external battery is available in three colors: black, gray and red. The accessory looks rich and stylish, especially the scarlet model. An important advantage for many will be the compact dimensions of the power bank.

The battery weighs only 136 grams. As for the filling, the powerstation with lightning connector 5050mah also has something to boast about. Despite the fact that the device has an average capacity of 5050 mAh by modern standards, an external battery in addition to an iPhone can charge other Apple equipment in one cycle.

The power bank has 2 USB ports, which allows you to power two devices simultaneously at high speed. A convenient LED display will tell the user to recharge the power supply. In addition, the powerstation with lightning connector 5050mah provides charging with a Lightning cable.

2. Zikko PowerBag 6000

The honorable second place of the best power bank for iPhone in our rating goes to the PowerBag 6000 model from Zikko. This power bank was created specifically for owners of Apple technology. The resource of this portable battery is 6000 mAh. This capacity allows the device to charge the iPhone approximately 3 times. Zikko PowerBag 6000 has one adapter with Lightning output.

The design of this model deserves special attention. Outwardly, it looks very much like a smartphone. Due to its small dimensions, the streamlined body of the device fits comfortably in the hand.

The device weighs only 175 grams, making it easy to transport. The maximum output current is 2.4 A, so you can charge your device with this device faster than stationary charging.

3. SmartBuy Turbo-8 Lightning

The bronze in the rating of the best iPhone power bank goes to Turbo-8 Lightning from SmartBuy. The first thing that catches your eye when you are acquainted with the device is its unusual design. The bright power bank, made in the shape of an elegant cosmetic bag, was created specifically for charging Apple technology.

The main advantage of SmartBuy Turbo-8 Lightning over competitors is the ability to quickly connect the device to the battery without using additional adapters. A tip for a Lightning connector is provided on the case of the power bank. Therefore, you can charge your iPhone simply by attaching it to this stylish accessory.

The device is equipped with an LED indicator to keep track of the battery charge. The device has a capacity of 2200 mAh, which is enough for one full charge cycle. In addition, Turbo-8 Lightning produces 2.1 at the output, which is very rare for models in this segment.

As a conclusion

It would seem that what could be easier – to choose an external battery? However, no, there are enough nuances here. The main thing, perhaps, is that one should not treat the power bank as a simple thing that any Chinese magician can make with an ax and felt boots. Yes maybe. However, you will not get a good external battery, but only something vaguely reminiscent of it. Only externally, but not internally. In general, we hope that our review was useful to you, and now you know what the best power banks are in 2021.